dogs day out with orange dog lead and collar

It's Certainly A Dog's Life!

fur babies!

To quote Bruno Mars…we’d all pretty much catch a grenade for our darling little sand covered, often fox poop riddled, muddy pawed mutts! Which is why it took us, hmm, about two seconds flat to realise we wanted to base our whole business around our best friends. Or as we like to call them ‘babies from another fur baby mother’ ha!

At Doggie Apparel we have combined what we personally love as 21st century consumers; which is basically the ability to have exactly what we want, when we want it, & all at just the click of a button. To be able to choose exactly what size we want, what colour combo’s we want, and even have it custom fit to our exact requirements. Paired with second to none quality, comfort and reliability which oozes personal style, and is of course delivered to your door before the week is out!

Doggie Apparel’s dog leads, collars and custom fit harnesses are handmade using traditional artisan craftsmanship. In our studio, we work with the highest quality British woven webbing and solid brass hardware, which are cast in England. We believe in innovative and tangible products made by real, passionate people on a fair wage. We believe in products of luxurious quality, style and durability which earn any investment made in them.

Pet spoiler..

So it seems that our love affair with our dogs is ever growing. From Barkday’s (birthday parties for dogs) Doga (yoga for dogs) Bark Mitzvahs (do I even need to explain!) We also have numerous dog bakeries or ‘paw-tisseries’, who freshly bake any number of treats for our dogs all over the country.

There is even a luxury boutique townhouse hotel; The Edgerton House which is just a stones throw from London’s prestigious Harrods store in Knightsbridge who can boast a pet concierge offering dog sitting and walking services, turndown pet treats and pet embroidered towels. Wait, they don’t stop there, as they also offer a doggy spa package, various doggy menu’s where you’ll find anything from a ‘woof full breakfast’ to a ‘bow wow tenderloin of beef’ and ‘chow hound chicken’! But again people, it doesn’t stop there, as the star of the show is most certainly their amazing afternoon tea where your pup can relax with its paws up on luxuriously furnished Parker Knoll chairs knocking back a chaser of Pawsecco!

So it seems our appetite for spoiling our pets is ever growing! Suddenly ‘a dog’s life’ doesn’t seem such a bad prospect!

-Doggie Apparel

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