So a question we are asked quite frequently is why choose a dog harness over a collar? There’s a number of reasons a dog may wear a harness instead of, or as well as, a collar.

Maybe you have a super strong, large dog and you need the extra control when out and about, or maybe you are training with your dog or puppy (cutteeeee!) in which case you will also benefit from more control.

Harnesses are also great for smaller, more delicate breeds such as chihuahua’s or toy dogs as a harness disperses the pressure across the whole body rather than just around the neck area.

Or you simply use a harness because your dog slips out of a collar like a doggie magician, giving them the nickname Harry Houdini around the local park. The exact reason Winston wears a harness!


Here at Doggie Apparel HQ we have harness measuring down to a fine art! It’s a simple, three step process, which takes a matter of seconds (as long as your doggie isn’t a wriggler!). As all our Doggie Apparel harnesses are made to measure when ordering from us we will need three measurements from you, but its very simple; we promise!

Neck: Measure around the neck to the breast plate bone. See diagram, point A.
Girth: Measure around the chest, an inch behind front legs. See diagram, point B.
Chest: Measure from the breast plate bone to an inch behind front legs. See diagram, point C.

Below is a super handy video featuring none other than superstar Winston (yes you may have recognised him as one of the faces of Doggie Apparel, or maybe you have seen him in the Daily Mail or The Cheshire Magazine – he sees himself as the David Gandy of the dog world) to show you exactly where you need to be measuring to get the perfect fit for your dog’s harness  (with some rather jaunty music) for further assistance if you need it. Click HERE

To view our full range of made to measure harnesses click HERE
We believe that a dogs harness should feel like a second skin to them which is why all our harnesses are made to measure to ensure its the perfect fit and to minimize any rubbing or discomfort. All the materials we use are lightweight and comfortable.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our bespoke Doggie Apparel harnesses please do not hesitate to email us at

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