two colour dog harness in beige & brown

Why Choose A Dog Harness?

So a question we are asked quite frequently is why choose a dog harness over a collar? There's a number of reasons a dog may wear a harness instead of, or as well as, a collar.

Maybe you have a super strong, large dog and you need the extra control when out and about, or maybe you are training with your dog or puppy (cutteeeee!) in which case you will also benefit from more control.

Harnesses are also great for smaller, more delicate breeds such as chihuahua's or toy dogs as a harness disperses the pressure across the whole body rather than just around the neck area.

Or you simply use a harness because your dog slips out of a collar like a doggie magician, giving them the nickname Harry Houdini around the local park. The exact reason Winston wears a harness!


Here at Doggie Apparel HQ we have harness measuring down to a fine art! It’s a simple, three step process, which takes a matter of seconds (as long as your doggie isn’t a wriggler!). As all our Doggie Apparel harnesses are made to measure when ordering from us we will need three measurements from you, but its very simple; we promise!

Neck: Measure around the neck to the breast plate bone. See diagram, point A.
Girth: Measure around the chest, an inch behind front legs. See diagram, point B.
Chest: Measure from the breast plate bone to an inch behind front legs. See diagram, point C.

Below is a super handy video featuring none other than superstar Winston (yes you may have recognised him as one of the faces of Doggie Apparel, or maybe you have seen him in the Daily Mail or The Cheshire Magazine – he sees himself as the David Gandy of the dog world) to show you exactly where you need to be measuring to get the perfect fit for your dog’s harness  (with some rather jaunty music) for further assistance if you need it. Click HERE

To view our full range of made to measure harnesses click HERE
We believe that a dogs harness should feel like a second skin to them which is why all our harnesses are made to measure to ensure its the perfect fit and to minimize any rubbing or discomfort. All the materials we use are lightweight and comfortable.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our bespoke Doggie Apparel harnesses please do not hesitate to email us at

-Doggie Apparel

Let's Hear It For The Dogs!

Self-isolation & your dog

We would be lying if we said we weren't finding lockdown tough, however here at Doggie Apparel we are very grateful to be sharing our lockdown with our four legged fur babies (Becca is less thrilled to also be sharing lockdown with an overzealous four year old!) Studies have shown that dogs reduce stress & anxiety as well as ease loneliness, and we're sure we aren't alone in thanking our faithful hounds for their loyal companionship now more than ever.


Not only do dogs reduce stress but they have proven to encourage exercise. Whilst its no fun for any of us not being able to leave the house whenever we please we should all be grateful for being allowed to leave once a day for a form of exercise, which for us is walking our dogs. So we encourage you all to do the same (please make sure you are obeying the rules on social distancing - we don't want to get in trouble for badly behaved dog walkers!) Playing with a dog can elevate levels of serotonin & dopamine which calm and relax so take a ball and play a game of fetch! You (& your dog!) can thank us later!

Now we are spending much more time inside the days seem to go on forever (or is that just us that feels this way?!) so we have been trying out new activities we usually wouldn't have the time for. Dog yoga anyone?! Don't knock it until you try it! If nothing else it will make you laugh! Becca is also using this time to try and teach Winston the whirlwind pug some manners, however it is becoming apparent you most definitely can not teach an old dog new tricks!


Something both Winston and Sizzles are very happy about is fresh doggie biscuits on a regular basis. With more time on our hands we have been experimenting in the kitchen and creating some very yummy biscuits (or at least that's what the dogs have had us believe!) The firm favourite has to be these Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits. Why not give them a try yourself!

Thank you dogs!

So whilst during these uncertain and often worrying times we are so thankful to have our dogs by our side to give us some relief from feeling so overwhelmed.
Stay safe & give your dog some extra love today.

Want to treat your dog to a new collar or lead? Check out our range of webbing dog accessories here and enter the code SSB at the checkout for 15% off your order and free UK delivery.

Now, let's hear it for the dogs!

- Doggie Apparel.

about doggie apparel


Meet the Team!

Firstly, we LOOOOVE dogs!

Sizzles is my runt of the litter 13 year old fox terrier who knows what she wants, which to be honest, mainly consists of cuddle requests. Then there is the whirlwind that is Winston the pug aka ‘Winnie Pops’, Becca’s right-hand man in the office.  He never fails to let us know when a delivery of hardware has arrived or when its nearing the lunching hour!

Secondly, we are beyond passionate about innovatively designed products. You know, the kinda products you just can’t wait to invest in.

Thirdly, we live and breathe fashion, food, & the latest lifestyle must haves. If we’re not lost down the rabbit hole world of Instagram, Pinterest, & design bloggers then we’re talking about the great products we’ve found on Instagram, Pinterest & blog posts.

So, meet the team! A quick bit about Becca and myself-  Becca is Doggie Apparel’s promotions manager/head of services/ graphics designer/ product design consultant/ pattern cutter & well basically everything a growing company needs to dot the I’s and cross the T’s – Becca was a complete find! Not only was she a manager of a massive high street retailer but she graduated with a degree in fashion promotions & is a proud mum to Pepper who is soon to be four years old.

As for me, I’m Jo & founder of Doggie Apparel. I graduated from St Martins in the early noughties & quickly found myself immersed within the fashion industry designing and manufacturing clothing for the likes of urban Outfitters & Topshop. This was for a long time fun, but fashion is fast and often disposable, this attitude is something we wanted to change when it came to our dog leads & collars. With this in mind, we were pleased to open our first workroom and doggie retail store with this ethos in the heart of Margate’s old town.

Doggie Apparel’s products are lovingly handmade by us right here in Kent using traditional artisan craftsmanship even our ropes are spun in Chatham at the historic master ropers & our leather is hand cut, dyed burnished and hand sewn for a refined finish that we feel has become synonymous with Doggie Apparel. Each of our designs have been affectionately named after the streets our dogs like to meander along and in our studio we work with the highest quality British woven webbing & our leads and collars are all finished with solid brass hardware cast in England.

We believe in innovative & tangible products made by real, passionate people on a fair wage. We believe in products of quality, style & durability which earn any investment made in them.

– Jo. Doggie Apparel.

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