Meet the Team!

Firstly, we LOOOOVE dogs!

Sizzles is my runt of the litter 13 year old fox terrier who knows what she wants, which to be honest, mainly consists of cuddle requests. Then there is the whirlwind that is Winston the pug aka ‘Winnie Pops’, Becca’s right-hand man in the office.  He never fails to let us know when a delivery of hardware has arrived or when its nearing the lunching hour!

Secondly, we are beyond passionate about innovatively designed products. You know, the kinda products you just can’t wait to invest in.

Thirdly, we live and breathe fashion, food, & the latest lifestyle must haves. If we’re not lost down the rabbit hole world of Instagram, Pinterest, & design bloggers then we’re talking about the great products we’ve found on Instagram, Pinterest & blog posts.

So, meet the team! A quick bit about Becca and myself-  Becca is Doggie Apparel’s promotions manager/head of services/ graphics designer/ product design consultant/ pattern cutter & well basically everything a growing company needs to dot the I’s and cross the T’s – Becca was a complete find! Not only was she a manager of a massive high street retailer but she graduated with a degree in fashion promotions & is a proud mum to Pepper who is soon to be four years old.

As for me, I’m Jo & founder of Doggie Apparel. I graduated from St Martins in the early noughties & quickly found myself immersed within the fashion industry designing and manufacturing clothing for the likes of urban Outfitters & Topshop. This was for a long time fun, but fashion is fast and often disposable, this attitude is something we wanted to change when it came to our dog leads & collars. With this in mind, we were pleased to open our first workroom and doggie retail store with this ethos in the heart of Margate’s old town.

Doggie Apparel’s products are lovingly handmade by us right here in Kent using traditional artisan craftsmanship even our ropes are spun in Chatham at the historic master ropers & our leather is hand cut, dyed burnished and hand sewn for a refined finish that we feel has become synonymous with Doggie Apparel. Each of our designs have been affectionately named after the streets our dogs like to meander along and in our studio we work with the highest quality British woven webbing & our leads and collars are all finished with solid brass hardware cast in England.

We believe in innovative & tangible products made by real, passionate people on a fair wage. We believe in products of quality, style & durability which earn any investment made in them.

– Jo. Doggie Apparel.

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