Self-isolation & your dog

We would be lying if we said we weren’t finding lockdown tough, however here at Doggie Apparel we are very grateful to be sharing our lockdown with our four legged fur babies (Becca is less thrilled to also be sharing lockdown with an overzealous four year old!) Studies have shown that dogs reduce stress & anxiety as well as ease loneliness, and we’re sure we aren’t alone in thanking our faithful hounds for their loyal companionship now more than ever.


Not only do dogs reduce stress but they have proven to encourage exercise. Whilst its no fun for any of us not being able to leave the house whenever we please we should all be grateful for being allowed to leave once a day for a form of exercise, which for us is walking our dogs. So we encourage you all to do the same (please make sure you are obeying the rules on social distancing – we don’t want to get in trouble for badly behaved dog walkers!) Playing with a dog can elevate levels of serotonin & dopamine which calm and relax so take a ball and play a game of fetch! You (& your dog!) can thank us later!

Now we are spending much more time inside the days seem to go on forever (or is that just us that feels this way?!) so we have been trying out new activities we usually wouldn’t have the time for. Dog yoga anyone?! Don’t knock it until you try it! If nothing else it will make you laugh! Becca is also using this time to try and teach Winston the whirlwind pug some manners, however it is becoming apparent you most definitely can not teach an old dog new tricks!


Something both Winston and Sizzles are very happy about is fresh doggie biscuits on a regular basis. With more time on our hands we have been experimenting in the kitchen and creating some very yummy biscuits (or at least that’s what the dogs have had us believe!) The firm favourite has to be these Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits. Why not give them a try yourself!

Thank you dogs!

So whilst during these uncertain and often worrying times we are so thankful to have our dogs by our side to give us some relief from feeling so overwhelmed.
Stay safe & give your dog some extra love today.

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Now, let’s hear it for the dogs!

– Doggie Apparel.